Single Loose Tube Cable Aerial Installation Cable with Rope КС-ОКТО

Code of cable type 3209 3210 3211 3212
Number of fibers 24
Number of loose tube 1
Number of fibers in loose tube 2-24
Short-term crush test, kN/cm (N/10cm) 0,55 (5500) 0,4 (4000) 0,8 (8000)
Dynamic tensile strength, not less than, kN 2,0 4,0 7,0 4,5
Operating temperature, °С – 40…+70 °С – 50…+70 °С
Installation temperature, °С – 10…+50 °С – 30…+50 °С
Overall dimensions, thickness x height, mm 4,8х8,1 4,7х10,5 5,3х11,0 5,3х10,6
Outdoor itstallation

For suspension on communication poles, public lighting poles and between buildings.

Outer sheath
Optical loose tube
Optical fiber
Suspended strength element

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