KSER is pleased to welcome responsible and motivated specialists to its team.

We develop and grow together with you. Employees, working and improving in the company, create their new future. Moving up the career ladder, increasing professional skills and income levels are only a small part of the achievements that are possible with us.

KCER supports its employees and offers great opportunities for everyone. Becoming a part of our company will become available to you:

1. Training within the company

We want you to always be aware of the latest changes in rules, laws, new product developments. Therefore, at the KSER plant, mutual training is organized between the divisions. In addition, we have ready-made instructions for working with complex programs, using which you can easily learn what at first glance seemed difficult. Within the framework of the plant, we can help you master a new profession and rise one step higher.

2. Training outside the company

KCER understands that it is impossible to train only within the company, therefore we often send our specialists for training to other companies or institutions, and also invite employees of training institutions to conduct courses on the territory of the company in order to train the maximum number of employees. We make every effort to ensure that training for our employees is free.

3. Bonuses and individual social package

The company is guided by a European approach to work. The company operates a KPI-based bonus system. In addition, several options for social packages have been developed for different categories of positions. We in every possible way welcome the desire of employees to improve, so the company will also provide you with financial support if you go to undergo any training, having independently determined the training organization.

External courses by profile
Corporate bus
Literature on the profile of work
Additional vacation days
Mobile connection
Payment for fuel and lubricants
Material help
Internal training

You can view the list of open vacancies on our page on the HeadHunter website

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