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Since 1993, XER has been and remains a reliable partner and responsible employer. We are proud of our history, honor existing traditions, and at the same time respond flexibly to market challenges and customer preferences. Our company is an industry leader and a key supplier in Kazakhstan, as well as a regular participant in export operations, selling finished products to neighboring countries and Europe. We are constantly improving our production capabilities by investing in new high-tech equipment and the potential of our employees.
Ключевым фактором успеха компании являются люди. Мы заботимся о безопасности труда нашего персонала и комфортных условиях работы, занимаемся обучением и развитием команды, а также гарантируем справедливую и своевременную оплату труда.
Our strategic goal is to enter the top ten exporters of Kazakhstan!
We are looking for the best to be leaders!
We are committed to development and learning!
Мы сохраняем традиции и передаем опыт!
Мы – команда КСЕР
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We value the contribution of each employee, we are looking for talents, we develop leaders, because we understand that the team is the key to the success of the company
We value reliability in all its manifestations: the operation of equipment, the supply of materials, labor discipline
Customer focus
The quality and delivery time of manufactured products are the constants of our business
The continuity of generations
Each member of a large and friendly team adopts the experience of generations and makes their own contribution to the development of the company.
Continuous improvement
We change every day so that the quality of the supplied products remains consistently high
Openness, honesty, integrity
We give constructive feedback and honestly admit mistakes, and work together to find ways to solve them.


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If you have not found a suitable vacancy, then you can fill out the form and / or attach your resume.


All sections
If you have not found a suitable vacancy, then you can fill out the form and / or attach your resume.


All sections
If you have not found a suitable vacancy, then you can fill out the form and / or attach your resume.


All sections
If you have not found a suitable vacancy, then you can fill out the form and / or attach your resume.

The company is open for various kinds of cooperation with educational institutions of the region and region:

  • We have signed agreements on dual education with specialized educational institutions;
  • We provide a paid internship base for graduates;
  • We give the opportunity to gain practical experience during the period of professional practice;
  • We participate in examination committees and committees for the defense of undergraduate projects;
  • We actively cooperate with the faculties and administration of educational institutions on the employment of graduates;
  • We cooperate with employment centers on the implementation of the Youth Practice program and also provide the opportunity to obtain a working profession "Cable and wire crimping machine with plastic compounds and rubber" and "Twisting conductor and cable insulator";
  • We organize Open Days for students and schoolchildren in order to familiarize the younger generation with the basics of production processes;
Application for an internship

XER has been a city-forming enterprise throughout its history, supporting various social projects and showing its own initiative in educating and supporting the younger generation, caring for the ecology of the native land, helping pensioners, veterans of the Second World War, etc.

Current social projects

Forward to knowledge.
The KSER company is a sponsor of the annual charity event "Road to School". We have already helped dozens of families to collect all the necessary stationery, uniforms and other educational supplies for the school year.
With care for the older generation.
Every year we participate in the congratulations of the Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, home front workers, and also help the elderly who are deprived of the attention and help of their loved ones.
Let's make the city better.
This year, the KSER team took part in the greening of the city. So in the native city there was a nominal "Alley XER". A good new tradition has begun!
Ecological habits.
We minimize the impact on the environment by rationally using resources - we reduce the generation of waste, and the waste generated during the production process is maximally handed over for processing or reuse, and we reduce the consumption of water, heat and electricity.

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