Direct Buried Flame Retardant with Armoring Cable КС-ОКBnf

Code of cable type 6028 6029 6030
Number of fibers 60 96 144
Number of loose tube 5 8 12
Number of fibers in loose tube 12
Short-term crush test, kN/cm (N/10cm) 0,4 (4 000) 0,6 (6 000)
Dynamic tensile strength, not less than, kN 30 48 70
Operating temperature, °С – 40…+85 °С
Installation temperature, °С – 30…+70 °С
Cable outer diameter, mm 16,2 19,6 24,0
Underground itstallation
Outdoor itstallation
High tensile strength

Designed for manual or mechanical installation in soils of all categories, including soils tend to negative temperature deformation and in marshes, in cable duct systems, protection pipes, cable trays and aerial lines. Outdoor itstallation and indoor itstallation.

Outer sheath
Steel corrugated tape
Inner sheath
Water-blocking element
Aramid yarns
Optical loose tube
Optical fiber
Central strength element

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