Patchcord FTTH

Cable construction
Cable type FTTH
Sheath material LSZH
Sheath color white/black
Optical fibre According to  ITU-T G.657.A2
Single-mode (9.5/125 μm)
Connector type LC, FC & SC
Polishing type  PC, SPC, UPC & APC
Average overall dimensions, mm 2х3
Polishing characteristics of optical connectors
Polishing type Optical parameters
Return loss, dB Direct loss, dB
PC not more than  -30 not more than  0,3
SPC not more than  -40 not more than  0,3
UPC not more than  -50 not more than  0,3
APC not more than  -60 not more than  0,3
 Technical data
Minimum bending radius, MM 10D
Operating temperature, °С -40 … +70
Installation temperature, °С -10 … +40
Storage temperature, °С -50 … +70
Relative humidity at  +35 °С, % 98
Indoor itstallation

Patchcords FTTH are intended for use in information transmission systems on fiber optic communication lines.

Patchcord FTTH made of super flexible white DROP FTTH cable and intended for indoor installation, in ducts and wall duct.

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