Low-pair telephone cable MKPPCT

Electrical characteristics Value
Number of pairs 5
Current-carrying conductor soft cooper wire
Core diameter up 0,4 to 0,5 ± 0,005 mm
Resistance of the conductive core of the cable, recalculated per 1 km of length and temperature 20⁰С, not more than Om/km 148
Resistance of the core insulation of cable, recalculated for 1 km of length and temperature 20⁰С, not less than MOhm * km 8 000
Sheath PE, black color
Operating temperature, °С – 40…+50 °С
Installation temperature, °С – 10…+50 °С
Overall dimensions, thickness x height, mm 8,9х17,5
Outdoor itstallation

The cable is intended for suspension on overhead communication lines.

Outer sheath
Alumopolymer tape
Tape PET
Tinned wire
Suspended strength element
Insulation of the conductive core
Conductive core

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