Unshielded LAN Cable for Outdore Installation U/UTP

Electrical characteristics Value
Number of pairs 25
Current-carrying conductor soft cooper wire
Core diameter up 0,48 to 0,51 mm
Twisted type pairing
Minimum bending radius 55
Tensile strength, not less than, kN 0,4
Short-term crush test, kN/cm 40
Sheath type PE1 – sheath from PE
PE – 1-st layer sheath made of PVC,
2-nd layer of sheath PE
Operating temperature, °С – 40…+60 °С
Installation temperature, °С – 10…+50 °С
Cable outer diameter max, mm 13,5
Indoor itstallation
Outdoor itstallation

Cable for structured cable systems for outdoor installation with a signal transmission frequency of up to 100MHz. (Cat.5e), up to 250MHz (Cat.6).

Outer sheath
Conductor insulation
Conductive copper conductor

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