The hi-tech MSKh closure launched into mass production

Publich 13 March 2019

The developed design is unique and is intended for external sealing of the joints of various types of cables, including control and power cables with voltage up to 1kV, SCB and communication cables.

The advantages of using MSKh closures:

  • Reduced installation time;
  • No special qualification of the installer is required;
  • No permit documents for open flame operations are required;
  • Safety of working space;
  • The probability of damage to adjacent cables during installation of the closure is excluded;
  • Residual radial clamping pressure;
  • The quality of the seal is constant and does not depend on the skill of the installer.

The installation of the MSKh body is very simple:

1. Place the MSKh body on the splice of the cables being connected

2. Remove the spiral supporting core

3. Installation complete!

In the MSKh closure sets intended for installation of closures with the subsequent laying in the ground, the use of ArmorCast structural material (for the purpose of providing additional mechanical protection) is envisaged.

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