DIM-1-RWD microelectronic pulse sensor

DIM-1-RWD microelectronic pulse sensor is used in pulse and code automatic blocking devices, for pulse power supply of rail circuits.

It is used to control the operation of flashing lights of traffic lights in devices of electrical centralization, auto-blocking and crossing signaling. Designed to replace the pendulum transmitters MT-1 and MT-2.

Technical performance

Structurally, the DIM-RWD microelectronic pulse sensors consist of a circuit board, CAGE CLAMP 256-501 spring terminals and a body with a sealed light-guide fiber. The sensor body is made of metal and coated with grey polymer paint.

  • Rated supply voltage from a DC source: 12, 14, 24V;

  • Voltage range from a DC source: 10.8-31V;

  • Capacity (no load): no more than 2W;

  • Maximum switched current at the output contact: 0.2А;

  • Class of protection against electric shock according to GOST R IEC 60950-1): III;

  • IP degree of protection is not lower than IP53;

  • Operating temperature -60 to +65°С;

  • The body is made of metal 1 mm thick.

Design features

  • No maintenance required;

  • Versatility (replaces MT-1 and MT-2);

  • Easy installation without tools in the field;

  • Simple adjustment of time pulses;

  • Full protection against short circuit;

  • Modern electronic components base;

  • Compliance with modern scientific and technical documentation;

  • Protection against burst and microsecond high energy pulse;

  • Maximum deviation of the values of time parameters under normal climatic conditions – not more than 3%.

Ordering table

Dimensions (HхWхD), mm Maximum weight, kg
Scope of supply
DIM-1-RWD microelectronic pulse sensor 113×165×45 0,7
body assembly