Units TM-RWD

TM-RWD units are designed for forming code pulses of alternating and direct current. They are used in devices for code automatic blocking, electrical and microprocessor centralization, and other devices of railway automation and telemechanics.

Technical performance

Structurally, the TM-RWD units consist of a board, a plug connector, and a body that combines the board with the connector. The casing is made of metal and coated with grey (TM15-RWD unit), blue (TM17-RWD unit) or black (TM18-RWD unit) paint.

  • Rated supply voltage from a DC source: 12V;

  • Voltage range from a DC source: 11-34V;

  • Rated supply voltage from an AC source: 12V;

  • Voltage range from an AC source: 10-20V;

  • Capacity: no more than 5W;

  • Maximum switched current at output contacts: 1А;

  • Class of protection against electric shock according to GOST R IEC 60950-1): III;

  • IP degree of protection is not lower than IP51;

  • Operating temperature -40 to +70°С

  • The body is made of metal 1 mm thick.

Design features

The circuit design allows for the safe operation of the TM-RWD. Generation of output codes is carried out by two microcontrollers with various programs. The control action of one of the microcontrollers cannot form the code. Two microcontrollers participate in the generation of any of the codes, controlling the operation of the TM-RWD unit as a whole with the help of galvanically isolated feedback.

The control signal from the microcontroller cannot directly control the output contacts. The signals from both microcontrollers are fed to a safe comparison circuit, and when they match, a signal is generated at the output stage. The safe comparison circuit does not allow generating a signal at the output stage when one of the microcontrollers or elements of the comparison circuit fails.

For visual control over the operation of the TM-RWD unit, red, yellow and green LEDs are displayed on the front panel. The color of the LED and its flashing frequency correspond to the generated code. The TM-RWD unit has six switching outputs Z1, Zh1, KZh1, Z2, Zh2, KZh2, as well as a contact for monitoring the correct operation of the TM-RWD unit, which can be linked in redundancy or control circuits.

Ordering table

Dimensions (HхWхD), mm Maximum weight, kg
Unit ТМ15-RWD grey
164×100×153 2
to replace KPTSh-515*
Unit ТМ17-RWD blue
to replace KPTSh-715*
Unit ТМ18-RWD black
to replace ZKPT*

* Some changes in the power scheme are required.