Joining closures MVSKh-RWD

The MVSKh-RWD closures are intended for direct connection of symmetrical high-frequency communication cables under excessive air pressure, laid in the road bed of railways or cable structures.

The closure set includes:

  1. MVSKh-RWD closure body;
  2. Shield connectors 4460D;
  3. Shield wire;
  4. Shield bus;
  5. Tape 107-02К;
  6. Copper mesh;
  7. Mastic tape 2900R;
  8. Spring rings;
  9. Sealing and insulating tape;
  10. ArmorCast reinforcing tape;
  11. Clamps;
  12. LDPE sleeves;

Technical performance

The closure consists of a set of materials for connecting the conductors, elements for restoring metal sheaths of the cable and grounding, a special plastic case with pre-installed cold shrink elements for sealing the splice.

Design features

  • The body of the closure and the used sealing materials are resistant to aggressive media, possible all-weather conditions and ultraviolet, which makes the closure reliable and durable;
  • The closure is not subject to destruction by stray currents of alternating current electric traction;
  • The closure provides galvanic contact of the sheath with the cable armor.
  • For sealing the closure, no fire is required;
  • The closure can be installed with residual positive pressure in the cable line, which greatly simplifies and accelerates its installation.

Ordering table

Cable capacity, quads
Closure МВСХ-RWD-40/4-ЛГ 4х4
Closure МВСХ-RWD-40/7-ЛГ 7х4
Closure МВСХ-RWD-50/14-ЛГ 14х4
Closure МВСХ-RWD-50/27-ЛГ 27х4