Joining closures MVS-RWD

MVS joining closure for symmetrical communication cables that are under positive air pressure. The MVS joining closure is intended for sealing and mechanical protection of splices of symmetrical cables under positive air pressure.

The closures consist of a polyethylene body consisting of a cylinder with conical parts and a set of additional materials.

The closure set includes:

  1. Polyethylene body;
  2. Shield connectors 4460D;
  3. Shield wire;
  4. Shield bus;
  5. LDPE tape;
  6. Screen grid;
  7. Mastic tape 2900R;
  8. Spring rings;
  9. Sealing tape VM and PVC tape 88T;
  10. ArmorCast reinforcing tape;
  11. Clamps;
  12. LDPE sleeves.

Design features:

  • The body of the closure and the used sealing materials are resistant to aggressive media, possible all-weather conditions and ultraviolet, which makes the closure reliable and durable;
  • The closure is not subject to destruction by stray currents of alternating current electric traction;
  • The closure provides galvanic contact of the sheath with the cable armor;
  • For sealing the closure, no fire is required;
  • The closure can be installed with residual positive pressure in the cable line, which greatly simplifies and accelerates its installation.

Ordering table

Cable capacity, quads
Closure МВС-40/4-ЛГ
Closure МВС-40/7-ЛГ
Closure МВС-50/14-ЛГ
Closure МВС-50/27-ЛГ