Underground joining closures STsBS-RWD and STsBS-RWD-A

The STsBS closures are designed for direct connection of armored or unarmored signaling cables.

They comply with the requirements of the “PR 32 DS 10.01-95 Regulations of laying and mounting of cables of the signaling arrangement”, are approved and recommended for use by the Department of Automation, Telemechanics and Telecommunications of “NC “KTZ” JSC.

Technical performance

The closures are a polyethylene body consisting of two half-closures with a lock and a set of sealing materials. The cable conductors are connected using insulated crimp sleeve connectors. After connecting the cable conductors, when installing the closure, the compression method of sealing the splice is provided.

During sealing, a two-component hydrophobic gel is used to fill the splice. When using the compression method of installation, the gel fills the cable sections adjacent to the splice, which guarantees reliable protection of the splice from moisture.

After installation and sealing of the splice assembly of the lock case of the closure is carried out. The sealing of the case is carried out using mastic tape and special PVC tape, which has high adhesion characteristics and memory effect, providing reliable protection.

Design features

  • The body of the closure and the used sealing materials are resistant to aggressive media, possible all-weather conditions and ultraviolet, which makes the closure reliable and durable;
  • The closure is not subject to destruction by stray currents of alternating current electric traction;
  • For sealing the closure, no fire is required.

Ordering table

Name Dimensions, mm
Maximum weight, kg
Cable capacity, conductors
Scope of supply
For unarmored cable
For armored cable
Closure СЦБС-RWD 3×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 3×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 0,5

polyethylene body,
PL sleeves or
U1B connectors,
Mastic tape 2900R,
tape 2229,
EZ tape,
gel 8882,
PVC tape 88Т,
capron-nylon film,
cone section length
measuring probe

(for closures for armored cable,
spring rings and ground wire
are additionally included
in the set)
Closure СЦБС-RWD 4×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 4×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 0,5
Closure СЦБС-RWD 5×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 5×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 0,6
Closure СЦБС-RWD 7×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 7×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 0,7
Closure СЦБС-RWD 9×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 9×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 0,8
Closure СЦБС-RWD 12×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 12×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 0,8
Closure СЦБС-RWD 16×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 16×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 0,8
Closure СЦБС-RWD 19×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 19×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 0,8
Closure СЦБС-RWD 21×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 21×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 0,9
Closure СЦБС-RWD 24×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 24×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 0,9
Closure СЦБС -RWD 27×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 27×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 1
Closure СЦБС-RWD 30×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 30×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 1
Closure СЦБС-RWD 33×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 33×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 1
Closure СЦБС-RWD 37х0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 37×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 1
Closure СЦБС-RWD 42×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 42×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 1,1
Closure СЦБС-RWD 48×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 48×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 1,2
Closure СЦБС-RWD 61×0,9 (PL) Closure СЦБС-RWD 61×0,9-А (PL) 450×300 1,3