Underground joining closures MSKh-RWD and MSKh-RWD-A

The MSKh closures are designed for direct connection of both armored or unarmored signaling cables.

Technical performance

The closure consists of a plastic body with pre-installed cold shrink tubing (hereinafter CST) on both sides of the body and a set of connecting and sealing materials. Cable sheaths are fixed using 4460D shield connectors and insulated shield wire with lugs.

This method allows to securely fix the ends of the cables at a strictly adjustable distance to facilitate the splicing of the conductors. The cable conductors are connected using insulated crimp sleeve connectors.

After connecting the cable conductors and structural elements, the installation of the closure is performed. Sealing the body is performed by shrinking CST on the cable sheath using mastic tape, and then reinforcing the closure body with ArmorCast tape.

Design features

  • The body of the closure and the used sealing materials are resistant to aggressive media, possible all-weather conditions and ultraviolet, which makes the closure reliable and durable;
  • The closure is not subject to destruction by stray currents of alternating current electric traction;
  • For sealing the closure, no fire is required.
  • The minimum set of materials used in the installation of the closure.

CST tubing

The tubing is made of EPDM rubber, the main characteristics of CST are listed below:

  • Does not require tools and heat during shrinkage;
  • Heat resistance, water resistance, resistance to acids, alkalies, fungi, ozone;
  • Air-tightness of the sealing keeping elasticity and compression load during the term of operation;
  • Excellent electrical properties in humid conditions;
  • Improved, hardened rubber composition;
  • Operating temperature range from -40 to +90°C;
  • Voltage class – low voltage up to 1kV.

Table for ordering closures with MSKh-40 body (for unarmored cable)

Package dimensions, mm
Weight (max.), kg
Cable capacity, conductors/pairs
Scope of supply
Closures for unarmored cable
Closures for armored cable*
Closure  МСХ-RWD-3-7×0,9 (PL) Closure  МСХ-RWD-3-7×0,9-А (PL) 200x300

MSKh-RWD body;
Insulated sleeves;
ЭП – shield wire;
Д - shield connectors;
PVC tape;
Copper mesh;
Transparent stretch film;
Grey mastic tape;
Black mastic tape;
ArmorCast reinforcing tape.

Closure  МСХ-RWD-9-19×0,9 (PL) Closure  МСХ-RWD-9-19×0,9-А (PL) 250x300
Closure  МСХ-RWD-21-24×0,9 (PL) Closure  МСХ-RWD-21-24×0,9-А (PL) 250x300
Closure  МСХ-RWD-27-42×0,9 (PL) Closure  МСХ-RWD-27-42×0,9-А (PL) 450x300
Closure  МСХ-RWD-48-61×0,9 (PL) Closure  МСХ-RWD-48-61×0,9-А (PL) 450x300

* For closures for armored cable, spring rings PPD and ground wire MLHI are added to the set.