Sealed universal splitting cable closures RMGU-RWD

The RMGU-RWD sealed universal splitting closures are designed to replace RM closures, they are used for branching off from group cable to traffic lights, track and transformer boxes of rail circuits, to switch-type actuators and other signalling, centralization and blocking devices.

Technical performance

The closures have welded steel casing made of sheet metal, with powder-coated casing and cover, symmetrical connection of safety pipes and flanges (depending on the closure type). Along the perimeter of the cover there is a groove in which a seal made of porous rubber is inserted, which protects from ingress of dust and moisture.

The required number of bus terminals is installed inside the case. The closures are made in a climatic design UHL of the category I in accordance with GOST15150-69 for operation outdoors in areas with temperate and cold climate. According to the degree of protection against electric shock the closures belong to class 01 in accordance with GOST

Design features

  • A transparent “pocket” is installed on the cover of the closure, designed to protect and store documentation (diagram, passport, etc.);

  • Reduced weight due to the use of sheet metal with a thickness of 2 mm, while the design is not inferior in strength to cast iron;

  • Improvement of sealing due to a porous rubber sealant; special mastic for sealing the cable glands also included;

  • An additional cable fixing device is used, which reduces installation time and increases reliability (excluding damage to the cable at the entrance point);

  • Applied vandal-proof cover locks (opening with a special pentagon wrench);

  • Anti-corrosion coating;

  • To protect the cables from mechanical damage, protective tubes are included in the delivery package;

  • For installation of the closure and protection of cables against mechanical damage, a protective tube with a base is included in the delivery package;

  • The cover is at the same time the closure body, opening which provides convenient access for working with the cable;

  • The conductors are connected with the use of bus terminals, which allows to avoid twisting the conductor into the ring during installation, thereby reducing the likelihood of the conductor breaking during operation and reducing the installation time.

Ordering table

Dimensions* (LхWхH), mm
Weight, kg
Number of bus terminals
Design features**
Closure analogue
Minimum lot to order, pcs.
Closure РМГУ8-56-RWD
- nine inlets;
- one protective tube with a base;
- eight protective tubes;
- one set of supports.
Closure РМГУ8-100-RWD
- nine inlets;
- one protective tube with a base;
- eight protective tubes;
- one set of supports.

* Closure dimensions are specified for packaged form.

** Additionally, all closures are completed with cable fastener assemblies, beacon fastening bracket, wrench, cable ties, insulated screwdriver, joint paste.

Note: fittings for mounting on the mast must be ordered separately.