Audible annunciator IZAPS-RWD

The audible annunciator ISAPS-RWD is designed for acoustic signaling (attracting attention) at level crossings and bridge crossings, as well as at other railway facilities.

Technical performance

The annunciator is mounted using the mounting holes of the plate at the base of the body. The package includes a protective metal casing, which ensures the directivity of the emitted sound to attract the attention of drivers and pedestrians. The casing is coated with a polymer coating, which is not subject to fading and does not require maintenance during operation.

  • Power supply voltage: DC: 12-27 V, AC 50 Hz 12-20 V;

  • Maximum power consumption: 5 W;

  • Operating temperature range: from -40°С to +60°С;

  • Protection class: IР 54;

  • Sound pressure level at a distance of 1±0.05 m: 60 to 80 dB.

Design features

  • Comprehensive surge protection;

  • A resettable fuse is included in the package of delivery, which allows to avoid additional material and labor costs for its replacement, in case of short-term surges;

  • The sound signal stops immediately after turning off the device, thanks to the discharge resistor.

Ordering table

Dimensions (with casing) (L×W×H), mm Maximum weight, kg Scope of supply
Audible annunciator IZAPS-RWD 185×121×134 1,5
- audible annunciator;
- protective metal casing.