LED Modules MM-X-RWD and MD-X-RWD with an adapter

MM-X-RWD and MD-X-RWD LED modules with an adapter are designed to replace standard lens sets with incandescent lamps in railway high and dwarf light signal heads.

They provide color signals of railway traffic lights that control traffic and ensure the safety of train traffic on railway hauls and stations.

Technical performance

LED modules consist of a body, a control unit, an LED matrix, a focusing lens and a protective cap. The kit includes adapters that allow the use of LED modules instead of typical lens kits with incandescent lamps, as well as for fixing the visors. The LED modules body is made of non-combustible and impact resistant materials.

Number of light emitting diodes — 85 pcs. The dimensions of the light output of the LED modules are as follows:

  • for high traffic light LED modules – 200-210 mm

  • for dwarf traffic light LED module – 150-160 mm.

Design features

  • The module is powered by a 12 V DC or AC source, with the ability to adjust the current consumption;

  • Elimination of false traffic signals due to reflection of sunlight or spotlights (“phantom (reflective) effect”) due to the absence of filters;

  • The electronic circuit of the light source allows to compensate for temperature effects and voltage changes, ensuring the constancy of light intensity;

  • The topology of LED emitters eliminates a catastrophic traffic light failure during operation;

  • The LED module, at temperatures from minus 45°С to plus 55°С, meets the requirements for photometric characteristics and the requirements for LED emission color;

  • At temperatures from minus 60°С to plus 65°С they remain operational, and the axial lighting force keeps the values not less than the minimum normalized values according to GOST R 56057.

  • In terms of EMC, LED modules comply with GOST 33436.4-1 with comments according to GOST R 56057 section 9, namely for nanosecond and microsecond pulsed noise with test severity level 4.

  • LED modules are resistant to electromagnetic interference with the operating criterion “A” according to GOST R 56057 p.9.1.

Ordering table

LED color
LED module MM-X-RWD Red, yellow, green, blue, moon-white LED module of “M” modification for high traffic lights
LED module MD-X-RWD Red, yellow, green, blue, moon-white LED module of “M” modification for dwarf traffic lights

* In the designation "X" stands for the following colors: G – green, R – red, Y – yellow, W - moon-white, B – blue.