Dwarf traffic light heads TLD-RWD

The dwarf traffic light heads are designed for installation on railways of any purpose and serve to ensure traffic safety, as well as to organize the movement of trains and switching operations.

Technical performance

The dwarf traffic light heads are a welded steel structure with visors and LED modules MD-RWD installed in them with a light-emitting surface diameter of 159±1 mm. On the inner side of the door, fasteners for transformers ST-4 are provided. Installation is made on standard metal or reinforced concrete bases*. The visors are mounted on the head body, which increases their resistance to wind loads at the installation site. The visors length is 300 mm.

The dwarf traffic light heads are made in a climatic design UHL of the category I in accordance with GOST15150-69 for operation outdoors in areas with temperate and cold climate. By the method of protecting a person from electric shock, products belong to class 0 according to GOST IEC 61140. Degree of protection against external influences IP54 in accordance with GOST 14254-96.

* the base is not included in the package; for mounting on an existing base there are fastenings in the head structure.

Design features

  • No injection method drawbacks (air pockets, notches, etc.);

  • No non-ferrous metals;

  • Maintainability;

  • Vandal-proof design;

  • Anti-corrosion coating;

  • The nuts for mounting onto the base are located inside the body, therefore, they are not exposed to the external environment and can always be easily dismantled;

  • There is a possibility to install lens sets with incandescent lamps on the outside of the head;

  • The kit includes sealing for the base of the body, which is glued before installing the head on the base to provide additional protection against the ingress of dust into the head;

  • Power supply of the module from an AC or DC source:
    Rated voltage 11.5V AC (supply voltage range 9V-12V);
    Rated voltage 12V DC (supply voltage range 10V-14V);

  • Energy saving - maximum power consumption of the module is 15 W;

  • Elimination of false traffic signals due to reflection of sunlight or spotlights (“phantom (reflective) effect”) due to the absence of filters;

  • The electronic circuit of the light source allows to compensate for temperature effects and voltage changes, ensuring the constancy of light intensity;

  • The LED module provides the intensity of wrong side failures of no more than 2.4*10-10 h-1;

  • The design and photometric characteristics of the installed LED module comply with GOST R 56057-2014;

  • The maximum cable line distance when connected is no more than 3 km;

  • The “day-night” mode is implemented.

Ordering table

Dimensions* (HхWхD), mm
Weight, min., kg
Scope of supply
Minimum lot to order, pcs.
Dwarf traffic light head TLD-2-XX-RWD
- body;
- two LED modules;
- two visors;
- sealing;
- wrench.
Dwarf traffic light head TLD-3-XX-RWD 738х260х234
- body;
- three LED modules;
- three visors;
- sealing;
- wrench.

* X – color names are indicated in order from top to bottom, where: R – red, Y – yellow, G – green, B – blue, W – moon-white.

Sample name for ordering: Dwarf traffic light head TLD-2-GR-RWD is a head of a two-aspect dwarf traffic light with green and red light.

Note: head mounting base, lettering plates, lettering plate fixture and couplings are ordered separately.