Unshielded LAN Cable for Outdore Installation U/UTP


Cable for structured cable systems for outdoor installation with a signal transmission frequency of up to 100MHz. (Cat.5e), up to 250MHz (Cat.6).

Indoor itstallation
Outdoor itstallation
Outer sheath
Conductor insulation
Conductive copper conductor
Electrical characteristics Value
Number of pairs 25
Current-carrying conductor soft cooper wire
Core diameter up 0,48 to 0,51 mm
Twisted type pairing
Minimum bending radius 55
Tensile strength, not less than, kN 0,4
Short-term crush test, kN/cm 40
Sheath type PE1 – sheath from PE
PE – 1-st layer sheath made of PVC,
2-nd layer of sheath PE
Operating temperature, °С – 40…+60 °С
Installation temperature, °С – 10…+50 °С
Cable outer diameter max, mm 13,5

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