OSL joining and splitting closures

OSL joining and splitting closures for MKPP type cables with a capacity of 1 to 5 pairs that are under positive air pressure.


These closures are installed on MKPP type cables that are not under positive air pressure and are located indoors, outdoors (on overhead lines of local telephone networks), in cable ducts and in the ground.

Technical performance of closure

  1. OSL reusable polyethylene body.
  2. UY2 connector.
  3. UR2 connector.
  4. Р3F tape (for core wrapping restoration).
  5. Scotchflex.
  6. SE-240 screen grid.
  7. Polyethylene clamps.


The closure body allows it to be fixed (using self-tapping screws) on the support and walls of buildings, as well as cable ties on a line wire. The closure allows both joining and splitting in three directions.

Closure installation

  • half-closures are put on cables;
  • the cable is terminated in accordance with the installation instructions;
  • a holder is installed on the cable;
  • the conductors are connected;
  • the splice is shielded;
  • the closure body is pushed over the splice;
  • joints are sealed with tapes.


The closure is ready for operation immediately after installation.


At the request of the customer can be delivered in various component options.

Ordering table

Cable capacity, pairs
Closure type Connector type Name
Full screen integrity restoration - эп
Straight/splitting UY2 Closure OSL 5-1-эп