Compression closures SSK 1х4

SSK 1x4 compression closure with polyethylene body for symmetrical cables that are not under positive air pressure.

Technical performance

The SSK 1x4 closure set includes:

  1. Polyethylene body.
  2. Shield connectors 4460D, 4462.
  3. Shield wire.
  4. U1В connectors;
  5. P3F tape.
  6. Tinned copper mesh.
  7. Mastic tape 2900R.
  8. Gel 8882.
  9. PVC tape 88Т.

SSK closure installation

  • half-closures are put on cables;
  • the cable is terminated in accordance with the installation instructions;
  • cable shields are connected;
  • conductors are connected using a P3F mesh tape;
  • the splice is shielded with a copper mesh;
  • a plastic sheet in the form of an envelope is attached to the splice;
  • the envelope is filled with gel;
  • to create compression, the splice is wrapped with EZ tape;
  • polyethylene closure halves are pushed over the splice;
  • joints of the closure body are sealed with tapes 2229 and 88T.

SSK closure application

SSK (1x4) compression closures provide full water tightness and protection of splices of cores of KSPP type cables, which are not under positive air pressure, both with and without hydrophobic compound. The reliability of compression closures is guaranteed by the fact that the splice of the conductors is filled with a two-component gel 8882 under pressure (compression method). These closures can be installed in the ground, cable duct wells, collectors and tunnels.

SSK closure commissioning

The closure is ready for operation immediately after installation.

Closure supply

At the request of the customer can be delivered in various component options.

Ordering table

Cable capacity, quads
Closure type
Connector type
Full screen integrity restoration - эп
Closure ССК 1х4(7/13)-3-эп
Closure ССК 1х4(11/20E)-3-эп
Closure ССК 1х4(7/13)-3-эп
Closure ССК 1х4(11/20E)-3-эп