Connecting optical cords

Fiber optic cords are intended for use in information transmission systems on fiber optic communication lines. Cords are made terminated at one end (pigtail) or at both ends (patchcord).

In the manufacture of optical cords, original component materials are used, as well as equipment for crimping and polishing.

Fiber types: Single-mode (9.5/125 μm), multi-mode (50/125 μm and 62.5/125 μm).

Sheath diameter: 900 μm (for pigtail), 2 и 3 mm (for patchcord).

Connector types: LC, FC, SC and ST.

Patchcords are available in any length, also terminated by different types of connectors (adapter cords).

Table of values of introduced insertion and return losses

Polishing type
Optical characteristics
Return loss, dB
Insertion loss, dB
max. 30
max. 0,3
max. 40 max. 0,3
max. 50 max. 0,3
max. 60 max. 0,4