Patchcord FTTH-SC/хPC

Connecting optical cord – patchcord made of ultra-flexible FTTH DROP cable with G.657A2 fiber is intended for installation indoors, in pipes, along the walls of buildings in cable channels.

It is recommended to lay a white single-fiber cable from the floor distributor to the subscriber outlet (SO) and in the subscriber's apartment from SO to ONT modem. The white cable is for indoor use only.

It is recommended to use black cables as riser cables, they are intended both for indoor and outdoor installation.

A few-fiber cable with ultra-flexible fiber, halogen-free, low-smoke flame-retardant LSZH sheath.

The cable uses optical single-mode, ultra-flexible fiber with a core diameter of 9-10 microns (recommendations Rec. ITU-T G.657A2).

The strength element of the cable is made in the form of a round rod of fiberglass, aramid or glass yarn impregnated with adhesive.

Optical fiber G.657.A2

Optical parameter value
Recommendations ITU-T ITU-T Rec. G. 657А2
1. Operating wavelength, nm 1310-1550

2. Optical fiber attenuation value at a wavelength, dB/km (max.)

1310 nm
1383 nm
1550 nm
1625 nm


3. Fiber bending attenuation - attenuation increment, dB (mandrel radius 10 mm, 1 wrap)

1550 nm
1625 nm


4. Fiber bending attenuation - attenuation increment, dB (mandrel radius 7.5 mm, 1 wrap)

1550 nm

5. Fiber mode field diameter, μm 1310 8,6-9,5
6. Cutoff wavelength (in cable), μm, max. 1260
7. Zero dispersion wavelength, μm, within the range 1300~1324

8. Dispersion curve slope in the area of zero dispersion wavelength, within the wavelength range, ps/nm2*km

1285-1330 nm
1525-1575 nm

9. Polarization mode dispersion coefficient (PND), max. 0,2 ps/√km

Optical cable characteristics

1. Tensile stress value, max., kN (dynamic) 0,08
2. Tensile stress value, max., kN (static) 0,04
3. Crushing stress value kN/10 mm, max. 0,1
4. Operating, storage and transportation temperature -40 to +60 °С
5. Installation temperature -10 to +50 °С
6. Relative humidity at temperature up to 35 °С, % 98
7. Dimensions, mm (for 1-2 fibers) 2х3,1 ±0,2
8. Dimensions, mm (for 1-4 fibers) 2х3,5 ±0,2

Ordering details

Cable designation must consist of:

  • name; КС - designation of the manufacturer of - “Kazcentrelectroprovod” LLP;
  • cable make-up;
  • strength element material (П - fiberglass, A – aramid, no designation – steel), number of optical fibers in the cable, optical fiber standard according to the international ITU classification;
  • optical fiber manufacturer (FF – Fujikura Fiber, CF - Corning Fiber); maximum permissible tensile stress in kN; sheath material designation (PVC, LSZH, РЕ etc.).

An example of outdoor cable designation for FTTH systems manufactured by “Kazcentrelectroprovod” LLP, in a flame-retardant, halogen-free, low-smoke sheath, with two Fujikura Fiber single-mode optical fibers and permissible tensile stress of 0.08 kN, with dielectric strength elements made of fiberglass rod:

Cable КС-FTTH-П-2-G.657.A2-FF-0,08 LSZH