Cable terminations rek-6KnTK-R for outdoor installation and rek-6KvTK-R for indoor installation

Terminations rek-6KnTK-R for outdoor installation and rek-6KvTK-R for indoor installation for 3-core cables with rubber insulation for 6 kV voltage.

Technical performance

rek-6KnTK-R and rek-6KvTK-R heat-shrinkable terminations with the use of polyurethane compound are used for cables with rubber insulation, for 6 kV voltage.

Termination set includes:

  1. Copper lugs for crimping;
  2. Special tapes;
  3. Heat-shrinkable tubing and insulators;
  4. Polyurethane compound;
  5. Installation instructions.

Termination design

Cable cores are coated with a tracking-resistant heat-shrinkable insulating tube. The equalization of the electric field intensity at the end of the semiconducting layer of conductors is made with the use of special tape with high dielectric constant.

The cable sheath end is sealed with polyurethane compound. The insulated conductors are fitted with the appropriate number of heat-shrinkable insulators resistant to the environment and leakage current. The space between the lugs and the insulation of the conductors is sealed with mastic and heat-shrinkable tube with an adhesive layer.


  • the termination end is poured with a compound in a vertical cable position;
  • shrinkage of heat-shrinkable tubes is carried out using a regular gas burner or electric heat gun;
  • no special tools required.


Cable terminations rek-6KnTK-R and rek-6KvTK-R are tested in accordance with GOST 23286-78.


  1. When ordering a termination set with a lug, one section is indicated and the abbreviation “tm” is added to the name. Ordering example: rek-6КнТК-3х70-Р-тм.
  2. When ordering a termination with a lug for a cable with an auxiliary conductor, the section of the main and auxiliary conductor is indicated and the abbreviation “tm” is added to the name. Ordering example: rek-6КнТК-3х120+1х10-Р-тм.


rek-6KnTK-R termination for outdoor installation is designed for terminating cable with rubber insulation for voltage up to 6 kV.
rek-6KvTK-R termination for indoor installation is designed for terminating rubber-insulated cables for voltages up to 6 kV, operated at ambient temperatures from -50°C to +50°C, with relative air humidity up to 80%.


rek-6KnTK-R and rek-6KvTK-R correspond to ST TOO 143-1930-10-16-29-2012.


At the request of the customer, sets without lugs can be delivered.
Standard conductor termination length is 800 mm. The length of the conductor termination length by agreement with the customer can be increased to 1200 mm.
Example for ordering a termination with an increased conductor termination length: rek- 6КнТК-3х16/25-Р/1200-тм.

Cable type

KGE, KGen, etc.


Rated voltage, kV Conductor cross-section, mm2 Designation for ordering terminations without lugs Termination length
Outdoor installation Indoor installation
rek-6КнТК-3-16/25-Р rek-6КвТК-3-16/25-Р 400
rek-6КнТК-3-35/50-Р rek-6КвТК-3-35/50-Р 400
rek-6КнТК-3-70/120-Р rek-6КвТК-3-70/120-Р 400
rek-6КнТК-3-150-Р rek-6КвТК-3-150-Р 400