Armored Cable Mini with Glass Yarns A-DQ(ZN)B2Y max. 96 Fiber


Optical fiber cable for duct and micro duct installation by blowing.

Rodent-proof cable
For installation in cable duct system
Outdoor itstallation
Outer sheath
Glass yarns
Gel filled optical loose tube
Optical fiber
Central strength element
Code of cable type 6308
Number of fibers 12-96
Number of loose tube 1 … 8
Number of fillers 7 … 0
Cable outer diameter, mm 12,0±0,3
Fiber type, μm 250
Minimum bending radius 20D
Installation tensile strength, N 3 500
Operating temperature, °С  -40 … +60 °С
Installation temperature, °С  -10 … +50 °С

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