Publich 14 December 2018

In December 2018, a technological chain of three production lines was put into operation for the production of new generation optical cables.

These technological lines are unique equipment that was developed by the joint efforts of KCEP engineers and designers of equipment manufacturers specifically for our company.

The most advanced optical cable production technologies were introduced in the production lines. For example, the line for the production of optical modules has the function of on-line measuring of the excess optical fiber in the module, measuring of the tension on each optical fiber, as well as the possibility to change the tension of the optical fiber and the excess optical fiber in the module without stopping the line. Product quality control is carried out with the use of uniformity testers produced by Sikora, which, in turn, ensures 100% control of the manufactured products.

The commissioning of new production lines made it possible to increase the production of optical cables by 2,800 km per month.