Implementation of the “Digital Kazakhstan” program has started

Publich 04 March 2019

In 2019, the Republic of Kazakhstan launched the implementation of the State Program “Digital Kazakhstan”, whereby it is planned to provide rural settlements of the Republic of Kazakhstan with broadband access to the Internet. To implement this program, the construction of fiber-optic communication lines in the republic is planned: in accordance with the program plan, it is planned to provide 1249 rural settlements with high-speed Internet (the coverage area includes 2.4 million people) by 2021.

реализация Государственной программы «Цифровой Казахстан»

The project will also provide high-speed Internet access for more than 3,500 government agencies. This category of institutions includes hospitals, schools, local authorities, emergency services, defense facilities and law enforcement agencies. In addition, one of the effects of the project will be the development of innovative services, as well as increasing their penetration in rural areas, creating access to services such as telemedicine, access to online education and e-commerce services.

The total length of fiber-optic communication lines will be more than 20 thousand km.

Общая протяжённость волоконно-оптических линий связи составит более 20 тыс. км

The implementation of this project is the foundation for the implementation of the program for digitalizing the country's economy, and KCEP is actively involved in its implementation, acting as a supplier of fiber optic cable.